Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Click on picture to see larger image.

Just a couple miles from our house is the small town of Eulenbis, (pronounced oil-un-bis) which sits high on a ridgeline that overlooks our town of Weilerbach and much of the valley where Kaiserslautern and Ramstein Air Base lie.

The roads to, and within, Eulenbis are pretty steep and I imagine quite treacherous in the winter. Jeff and I drove up there the other day to look around. The view was spectacular, especially from the special bench we found. Apparently, Eulenbis built this big ass bench, BAB, so that it would fit any big ass. Here I am on the bench.

They placed the BAB right on the edge of the ridge line so that you can just sit back and take in the incredible view.

Below is Weilerbach from the BAB. If you click on this picture to see a larger image, you can see three tall white poles. Those are some of the huge light towers on the big transient ramp on Ramstein. Also, that large red patch on the far ridge line is all the way across the valley above the town of Lanstuhl.

That's it today. No beer. No wine. No fest.


  1. HAHA. I love the BAB and can't wait to see it. However, you sitting on it does not do the bench justice. Your legs do not touch the floor sitting on a normal chair.

  2. What if there are BA giants that need to rest their BA feet?