Tuesday, July 27, 2010

D-Day. Day of Departure

Jeff and I depart for Germany today. We've been working on this for over a year. It's been a bumpy road getting here with my illness, Jeff's sister passing and all the emotions, especially now, of leaving our little girl, 25 and married, here in Texas. But we're excited of what lies ahead.

Our car is there waiting to be picked up. Our furniture shipment just arrived today. We have a move in date now to our new home, next Tuesday, of 3 August. All the little pieces have come together so nicely and we're really looking forward to setting up our new home in Weilerbach, Germany.

Our daughter Megan suggested that we set up a blog about our life and adventures in Europe over the next three years. So today is the first entry.

Megan and her husband Will are taking us to the DFW airport for our flight to Frankfurt on Lufthansa. This will be a very difficult day for me, saying goodbye to Megan. Megan and Will are already planning a trip to visit us this December. I'll stay focused on that for now, until we get on the plane and arrive in Germany tomorrow morning. Once we get busy in Germany and wrapped up in the excitement of being there I'll be fine.

If you'd like to watch what we're doing and where we're going over the next three years I'll be posting here about what we're up to. I'll throw in some pictures and whatever else I can think of to make it interesting.

Of course, we expect to see a good number of you in Germany during our time there.

Tomorrow . . . schnitzel and pils.

More soon.