Sunday, January 2, 2011

A German New Year

Here's a video that Jeff took out our second story window at New Years, here in our town of Weilerbach, Germany. Once midnight struck here the church bells started ringing and the fireworks started firing. This video really doesn't do the occassion justice though. First, the video is only about minute. This fireworks display went on for almost thirty minutes. Second, the transition to YouTube loses some video quality. Third, you can't tell it from here but so many of these fireworks were near professional quality; big, bright and really high. You can see by the flashes reflecting off the houses that we were surrounded by fireworks in the sky.

Like I said, this went on for close to thirty minutes. Neighbors on all sides of us were firing off all types of fireworks. We were standing in our driveway watching. The air was full of gunpowder smoke and smell. Bottle rocket sticks were falling all around us. Pieces of paper, plastic and cinders from exploded devices fell on us. It was like a happy, colorful war zone. The next morning it looked like the neighborhood had been under Indian attack with bottle rocket sticks stuck in the snow in the yards and on the roofs like so many arrows.

What a fun way to start 2011.

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  1. I love this video. I noticed the reflections on the helps do justice for the video.

    You guys are going to have to set off your own fireworks next year! =)