Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Mosel 2012

Last month, first Sunday of June, we participated in Happy Mosel 2012 at Bernkastle. Happy Mosel is an annual event when the roads along the Mosel are closed to traffic and available to on bikes, skates and feet. We did Happy Mosel in 2011 too and since we had marginal weather then, lots of drizzling rain and 50-60 temperatures, we were hoping for an improvement this year. We didn’t get it, in fact, it was much worse this year.

Most of our group arrived on Saturday. Jeff and I arrived from Munich after picking up our new BMW. After a great evening meal we partied in a few of the local establishments. One of those was a hookah bar. Here’s Jeff taking his turn. With him are Harpo, Beth, Cajun, Tina and Magneto.

We took this picture at the end of the night; Burg Landshut, which sits high above Bernkastel. The clear, full moon would seem to indicate the chance of clear skies tomorrow.

Next morning there’s Burg Landshut again. This isn’t looking too good.

Looking the other way from the Bernkastel-Kues bridge, it’s not looking much better that way either. Well, we got our bikes out and off we went.

Here’s our first stop along the way in the village of Lieser. It was starting to rain and it was hoped this old railway bridge would give us some protection. Plus, a local vintner was selling brats, beer, wine and cakes.

Linda and I trying to stay dry.

Here’s our whole group. Some of these are Donk, Teresa and kids; Cajun, Nicole and kids; Keebs, Tina and kids; Magneto, Beth and kids; Harpo and Beth; Cassius, Linda and kid; Sue and kid; Jeff and I.  We should have figured they don’t build these bridges to be water tight, so we’re about to move on.  Not long after this picture was taken this area was knee deep in water.

Our next stop was the White Bear Hotel in Mülheim and as you can see we were very, very wet. The White Bear was great though. They gave us endless dry towels and even hair dryers for the ladies.

There was a break in the weather so we made the sprint to Bernkastel. Here’s Burg Landshut on our return route. I don’t think that weathers going to hold.

Hey, look at me. At least I didn’t crash this year.

In spite of the rain it was a fun day and great scenery. Jeff and I on the last leg to Bernkastel for Happy Mosel 2012.

After we got dried off we visited a few establishments in Berkastel. You can't do a blog on Bernkastel and not show some of the beautiful half-timbered buildings

The Kolsch Bar in Bernkastel. How many bars anywhere in the world can boast this kind setting?

Well, that's the way the summer has been here in Germany. Lots of rain, daily high temperatures in the 50's and 60's.  This week is the first in months that has no rain forecast and some tempertures expected to reach the lower 80's. But, Jeff and I certainly haven't waited for the dry weather; it's been lots of raincoats and umbrellas.  Or stay home, and we don't do that.  PROST!!!

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  1. Dad smoking the hookah is classic. I love the picture of the Burg Landshut over the thatched roofs of Bernkastel houses. I loved seeing the castle outside our window of the hotel we stayed at. Looked like a wet bike ride. That was nice of the hotel to give you towels and hair dryers. Good job on not crashing this year Mom.