Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beer Stuff

Did I mention beer? Of course I did. Jeff and I have sampled a good number of German beers so far, mostly old favorites. Here's a picture of a happy Jeff shortly after we arrived. We'd just purchased our first case of beer here in Germany, Bishoff (Bishop) which is a local beer here in the Kaiserslautern area brewed in Winnweiler, near Sembach (for those that are familar with this area). It's very good and, interestingly, it has a very convenient twist off cap. Much easier to twist off than US bottles. Also, note the size of the bottles; half liter. Can't get too much quality amber nectar.

Now here's another picture of Jeff at the shopette at Ramstein. He, and I, were delighted to see that they sell Weihenstephan there, and by the case, and in half liter bottles also, and we got a free hat with a purchase of the case. Weihenstephan (W's are pronounced as a V here in Germany, so this is pronounced as Vī-hĕn-stĕ-fŭn) is the world's oldest brewery, dating back to 1040. We're actually going to visit Weihenstephan in about a month with a bunch of friends that are coming over to travel with us to Oktoberfest in Munich. Weihenstephan is also a university owned by the state of Bavaria. Part of their curriculum includes, of course, a brewing degree. The brewery and the university are in the city of Freising, just north of Munich, next to the Munich international airport. How's that for facts (thank you Jeff).

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