Wednesday, December 12, 2012

KTown Christmas Market 2012

Third year in a row for the Kaiserslautern Christmas market.  It's not the biggest or the best but it's a fun market none the less.  If you want to take a look at our last two KTown Christmas markets here's the links: 2010 and 2011.  Just a quick look at our visit this year.

The Stiftskirche is the largest Protestant church in Kaiserslautern and sits right in the middle of the KTown Christmas market.

Same Glüwein hut we've taken pictures of the last two years.  This place is always busy.  

KTown is the only Christmas market, that we know of, that has open fires for the warmth of merry-makers.  There must be others but we haven't come upon any.  Regardless, it's fun to get a warm drink and cozy up to the fire.

We had pictures of this fire last year too but it's such a unique way to provide a bit a warmth.  Apparently, they partially split a log, pour some wax into the cracks and light it.  Very nice warm fire.  I just can't see them doing something like this at a festival in the US. 

Yeah, we've got tons of pictures with us tasting some Glüwein but not here, this is Glübier.  It's some kind of Belgium cherry beer.  Tastes kind of like drinking a hot cherry cough drop.

That's it, quick and festive.  Our fourth Christmas market of the season with more to come.  Frohe Weihnachten, Festtagsgrüsse!!

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  1. Loved seeing the Kaiserslautern Christmas festival. I remember being there...very beautiful. The Glubier looks interesting...your description makes it sound disgusting though haha. Loved the log fire picture.