Saturday, December 22, 2012

Freinsheim Christmas Market

We visited Freinsheim for their winefest back in April of this year. We had great fun that day and have been looking forward to their Christmas market ever since. The Freinsheim Christmas market runs through the entire Advent season but is only open on Saturday and Sunday during that period.

Freinsheim is just north of Bad Durkheim, a bit east of the Deutsche Weinstraße (German Wine Road).  It's one of the many Rhineland-Pfalz vintner towns in this part of Germany.  So, this was our final stop last weekend after visiting Karlsruhe and the Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum.

Today Freinsheim is a town of about 5000 people and has a long history dating back to medieval times.  These are the family crests on one of the hotels in the city center.  You can see here they date back to 1588. 

Pretty half-timbered house on our walk into the town center of Freinsheim.

Pleasant tunneld passageway in Freinsheim.

A wonderfully ornate sign for a tobacco store in Freinsheim.  Even advertises in iron that they sell lottery tickets, LOTTO.

More well maintained medieval buildings near the town center.

Christmas tree and church steeple in the Freinsheim town square.

Freinsheim children singing a familiar Christmas carol.  Even though they're little, the kids sang most of it in English which we got a bit of at the beginning of this video.

Christmas market vendors along a quaint street in Freinsheim leading to the cities medieval gate and wall.

A really cute little house up the steps from the city's walled tower.

More Christmas market vendor with the town wall just beyond.  The Freinsheim wall dates back to 1514.

The Freinsheim tower looking back into the town.

The town gate through their 1514 wall.

Kind of a strange keystone over the archway of one of the town's homes; a Asian man with a big Brezel (pretzel) on his shoulders.

One of the side streets in Freinsheim with a few vendors.  Oh, and there's the required kids ride in the back.

Yup, gotta get a Glüwein.

Oh yeah, if you want a little something in your Glüwein, they can help you out.  Pimp your Glüwein.

That's the end of our adventures last weekend.  Because we move back to the States next month we realize that we need to start an acclimation program.  So, Sunday we pretty much laid around and watched the Vikings stomp on the Rams.  Although we did have some good German beer during the game we probably should have had some Coors Light or Rolling Rock.  Well, you gotta be careful not to take this acclimation stuff to extremes.


  1. LOL...pimp your Gluhwein, someone has been watching toooo much American TV.

    As usual though another great little virtual tour, sure will miss these when you two return to the land of round door knobs.

  2. Pimp your Gluhwein...that's funny.

    The pictures of this town are amazing. I love all the medieval buildings. You guys look cold, Mom has a big 'ole jacket on!

    That's nice that some of the song was in English. When they did a little presentation in Bernkastel in 2010 it was all in German and we had no idea what was going on. That's when they were doing the Advent calendar building presentation.

  3. I, too, will miss your virtual tours, painstakingly conducted on our behalf I'm sure. So good of you to sacrifice your free time to make sure we understand what the whole "living in Germany" thing is all about. Danke Schoen! But mostly I'm bummed I didn't get to visit our company in Mainz while you are still there :(