Sunday, October 28, 2012

KTown Kerwe

Last weekend we were at the Kaiserslautern Kerwe (community festival) for the third year in a row. See how sunny and warm it was.  Two years ago it was freezing; last year chilly.  You can see the Kaiserslautern city crest in the middle here, two red stripes with on white in the middle and a blue carp.

We started the day with a Wodka mit Feige (vodka with fig).

  The drink of choice the previous two years was Glüwein (hot spiced red wine), not today.

There it is, Wodka mit Feige, 3 Euros.

What do you think this pretty little area might be?  Little kids toilet.

This is the baby care room.

This is the children's toilet.  Gotta be under 12 and for both rooms you have to get a key from a vendor near by.

Making friends with the monster outside the haunted house.

Now doesn't that look good.  From the local brewery, Bischoff.

A cute cow bench.

I love pigs!

Look at this lady carefully; something strange there.

We met up with Cassius and Linda.  The big news -- Linda has a new iPhone.  I'm giving her some tips.  iPhoning is way more fun than festing.

On our way out. Hey, lets get another Wodka mit Feige.

Cassius, me, Linda and Jeff.  Jeff with his new brush.

Well, that was last weekend.  Here's what we woke this Saturday morning.  Wouldn't want to be going to the Kerwe today.

So, we've made the big jump into the cold weather. This morning's low was 21 F.  So happy we visited the KTown Kerwe last weekend. It wouldn't be much fun this weekend.  Prost!!

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  1. The vodka with fig looks good. It's funny how it had been cold the previous year and the drink of choice was Gluwein. I love the picture of Mom and the monster. In the next picture with the beer it looks like he is walking away. The picture of the lady on the bar stool is awesome. I love all the random pictures of mom with all the decorations. I love the video of the first German snow...I'm jealous!!