Thursday, October 18, 2012

Feuerwehr Offen Tag

Each year, on the second Sunday of October the Weilerbach Feuerwehr (fire brigade) has offen tag (open day) or their open house. Last Sunday was the Offen Tag and since the fire house is only two blocks from our house Jeff and I walked over for the festivities. This is our third year in a row to be a part of the Weilerbach Feuerwehr Offen Tag.

The town fire trucks are pulled out of the garages and lined up along the street so that there's room indoors for some out-of-the-weather festing.  On this day that was a very good plan because it drizzled all day.

Coat of arms of the Weilerbach fire department.

A rought translation, God be close to the brigade.

All the festival tables are set up inside the fire house.  Lots of great German food, including awesome deserts.

Jeff and I split a saumagen (pig stomach) and saurkraut. Quite tasty.

Pretty good two-man band provided the entertainment; all the usual German festival songs.

PROST . . . and he means it!!

Some of the fire fighter's wives and girlfriends put together this fun dance.  The lady in the red is supposed to be the flames, while all the others, obviously, are the fire fighters.

On our way home. I love these big fire trucks.

An original stone commerating the fire department from 1890.  You can just make out the date at the bottom.

Just another simple example of German community and

Gem├╝tlichkeit. They really do look for opportunities to come together as a village, town or city and celebrate their lives together; fantastic!!


  1. I loved seeing another visit to the fire house. The video is pretty funny, silly Germans. Pig stomach, huh? Interesting. Great blog

  2. I like the orginial stone for the fire department in 1890.