Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Strange German "Art"

Last summer this thing showed up on the edge of our village here in Germany. It’s placed right next to one of the area's main walking and biking paths. We really don’t know what it is or what it’s supposed to be. Based on the little brass sign nearby we’re pretty sure it’s not a memorial of any kind. As near as we can tell it’s just some "art."

Jeff and the "art." Note that the cube on top sits rather cockeyed.

The two stone supports are dense sandstone. The cube with windows at the top is made from steel sheet metal.

Maybe it’s supposed to be completely abstract but to me it sort of looks like a kids tree house or a playhouse of some kind. Of course, being made of stone and steel it’s a tree house that could withstand an assault from most SWAT teams.

Brass plate on the a small stone next to the "art." We assume Pulpito/Kanzel is the name of the "art." Maria Claudia Farina must be the artist; sounds Italian. In fact, Pulpito is Italian for pulpit. The last line says, Sculptures of Rhineland Pfalz.

Side view of the "art."

Here's my interpretation of the meaning of this piece of "art." As I mentioned, the metal cube represents every child's dream, a safe, invulnerable tree house. The stones symbolize the journey to achieve that dream. It shows a child that if a dream is worth having it's worth the work to get there and sometimes that work may involve fetes equivalent to climbing a sheer cliff. The unevenness of the metal cube at the top shows that even though you reach your dream there will still be bumpy and uneven times in your life.

Or . . . it could be some strange phallic symbol.


  1. i choose choice 'C'

  2. Hmmm that is interesting! I do enjoy your interpretation. It is very abstract! Dad looks good! Must be from Insanity!