Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween In Germany

Halloween has become a popular celebration in certain areas of Germany and other parts of Europe. This interest in Halloween certainly has to do with the locals seeing it celebrated over the years by American service members stationed in their country. Of course, American movies with a Halloween theme have had quite an impression too. So every youngster and adult here in Germany is well aware of Halloween.

There are a number of villages in the Kaiserslautern area that actually have Trick-or-Treating (Süßes oder Saures). Kaiserslautern has an all day Halloween event that culminates in a large parade with very generous monetary prizes for best costumes and floats. Up north the House of Horrors specialty store in Hamburg does a booming business during the Halloween season. One of the largest Halloween celebrations in Germany is the two week fright event at the Frankenstein Castle south of Frankfurt. At Globus, our local super-store, they have a hugely popular jack-o-lantern carving tent. So Halloween has caught on here in Germany and there's every reason to think that it will get bigger and better in the years to come.

Our German neighbors across the street at In der Lehmenkaut 3. Carved Kürbis (pumpkins), ghost, skeleton, dismembered leg, the whole thing.

Another German neighbor at the bottom of our hill; nice jack-o-lantern.

Of course, Halloween parties continue among the local military community and Jeff and I were happy to enjoy one this past Saturday. Here's a few images from that night.

Here's my costume. Dr. Sphincter, Protology. It's a messy profession.

In the protology business, personal protection and universal precautions are all important.

Jeff went as a nerd.  Not a great leap there. Note mirror on shoe.

Nerd closeup.

Huh! Didn't expect the nerd to get the hot chicks. I think it was one of those sympathy things.

I did a few pro bono exams.  Oh my gosh, I didn't have my eye protection in place!!

Hooters chicks seem to like the nerd too. YIKES! Not sure that's a good thing in this case.

Well, there you have it. Halloween in Germany. Pretty much like Halloween in the USA.

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  1. I love your costumes...very inventive! The Hooter's girl costume is hilarious! I love your comment about universal precautions...very important. Glad you have that mask that you are going to put on your face...which is covered in doo-doo! :)