Monday, September 12, 2011

Tuning Up

Jeff and I went to the Bad Durkheim Wurstmarkt last Saturday. The Wurstmarkt is always the second and third weekend of September and takes place just 40 minutes from our home. This was just a tune-up for next week when friends from the states will be joining us for Friday and Saturday in Bad Durkheim. So, just to wet your appetite for the main event next weekend here's a couple images.

Typical 1/2 liter glass of chilled white wine (Silvaner) at the Wurstmarkt and the world's best tasting pommes frites, mit Mayo.  Sitting at our favorite vintner tent, #15.

The Wurstmarkt is all about wine, food and fun. Look at those big ham roasts. Makes an awesome sandwich. Pork and more pork.

The new Saline, structure on the right.  Finally rebuilt after it had been completely destroyed by fire about six years ago. The St. Michael chappel on the vineyard hill in the background.  The religious pilgrimage to that hill is what started a small festival which has grown into today's Wurstmark, the 590th.

Well, it was such a nice day and we were having a wonderful time so we called our regular hotel in Bad Durkheim, the Kurpark, and asked if they had any rooms. Jackpot!! So we changed our plans to spend the night. We scanned the hotel grounds after we checked in. In spite of what Jeff says, we're in Bad Durkheim, not Bad Krueznach; silly man. You can see by the dancing German couples that the festival even reachs to this part of the town.

Picture taken from our hotel room. Giant wine barrel on the left, St. Michael chappel on the hill, big Ferris wheel on the right. The vinter tents are located in front and right of the Ferris wheel.

Advertisement by the elevator in our hotel.  Europeans aren't shy.

0930 on Sunday morning, on the way home.  Vintner tents are empty but getting ready. See you Friday.

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  1. I loved the Bad Durkheim blog. I didn't realize it was only 40 minutes away from you..that is awesome! The chilled Silvaner and pommes frites, mit Mayo...look AMAZING! I can't wait to try it all in a year from now.

    I love the video. Glad you guys had such a good time on your first trip. The Kurpark looks so beautiful! I hope we stay there next year!