Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunday In Germany

We had a bit of snow the last week here in Germany and with that comes the inevitable salt on the roads. The snow was just enough to make things messy as the day warmed up and because of that most of the cars now had a nice coating of salty crud. So last Sunday I drove down to the local gas station to run my car through the car wash. The key word there is Sunday. I already knew that Sundays, by law, are a noise sensitive day but I didn't think it applied to something as quiet as this car wash, which, oh by the way, is a drive in, doors close, wash car, doors open, back out and leave, so in reality, a no noise operation. But, silly me, we're in Germany.

The big Sunday noise law is the ban on long haul trucks on the autobahn and secondary roads. Truck drivers have to park their trucks wherever they might be at midnight Saturday and can't move them again until midnight Sunday. The autobahn rest stops and big roadside gas stations become a huge truck parking lot on Sundays. Of course, this is an issue for countries that border Germany too because now, along the borders trucks must stop and wait to enter the country on Monday.

Mowing your lawn is strictly verboten on Sunday here in Germany. With noise reduction laws on Sunday a gas powered lawnmower is certainly an obvious criminal but the restriction goes beyond that. Even electric lawnmowers, which are popular here and make about as much noise as the typical house fan, are not to be used. Should you violate this noise restriction, even with your quietly purring electric mower, at the very least you'll get a quite obvious disdainful look from the German folks walking by or, more likely, one of them is going to tell you of your extreme misdeed.

I'm pretty sure loud talking is banned in Germany on Sunday. Come to think of it, we have certain friends, based on noise, that would be banned in Germany on Sunday . . . Goof.

You don't dump your recyclable glass in the town's central collection points on Sunday because of the noise.

You don't vacuum out your car on Sunday.

No hedge clippers on Sunday.

No fireworks on Sunday.

No noise on Sunday, damnit!!!!!

When it comes to a German Sunday, just don't annoy anyone with your noise and you should be OK.


  1. Well, then what do you do on Sundays haha. Great blog! ILY

    1. A few years late in replying but I sure miss those lazy German Sundays. Long walks, gasthaus for beer and lunch. Relax on the patio or curl up in front of the wood burning fireplace in the winter.

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