Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Macht Nichts Sticks

Along the highways in Germany, the autobahn and secondary roads, you’ll see these white and black posts. They're a plastic road edge marker and because they’re along all the main roads there are millions and millions of them throughout Germany. Americans have affectionately named them Macht Nichts (mokt nix) Sticks. Macht nichts means it doesn’t matter or it makes no difference. In reference to these posts, they’re macht nichts because if one is taken out or run over by a passing vehicle it’s no big deal, there’s another one just down the road. So, they’re macht nichts sticks.

Here's a little video with Jeff's explanation about the macht nichts sticks.

Jeff and I happened to find a dead macht nichts stick, just laying there on the edge of the road, back in December while Kelly was visiting.  We figured it'd be a great souvenir that would look good standing near our pool in Texas.  So we devised a clandestine operation to pick it up.  The plan required three people; one to drive, one to make the pickup and one to document the event. Here's a daring black ops, right here in central Germany.

The macht nichts stick weighs almost nothing, other than the metal foot that attaches the post to the base anchored in the ground, as mentioned, it's a hollow, plastic post. Now, the trickest part of any foreign abduction, getting it out of the country undetected.


  1. I love this and the video is hilarious! That is such an awesome idea to put it by the pool. Can't wait to see it!

  2. I"m turning you guys in to the polizei unless i receive 100K in unmarked bills . . . or Rowdy puts me in his will.


  3. And all I came home with was a blue and white "Biergarten" sign, a couple bottles of Obstler, and a sign out of an Intercity train.... Well done!!!!

  4. I just realized your title photo is of the castle in Nuernberg, where I was born. :) Nice blog! just got back from almost 3 weeks in Germany and my wife and I are seriously thinking about trying to make our way back there to live for a while. Enjoy it while you can!

  5. One last thing, about the "macht nichts" sticks... If you look at the ones that are located along the autobahn, you'll notice they have directional arrows that will direct you to the nearest orange autobahn phone/PA system in the event of a breakdown or accident.

  6. Love all these comments here, yes Megan finally it took a year but it is where we can see it everyday and remember our beloved Germany. Loft you crack me up, scared me for a minute. Jaetee, thank you! You are correct Nuremberg, lovely city. We had to finally come home after 3 lovely years, I have lived a total of 10 years in Germany and love it. I hope you get to live there too.

  7. When I was in Germany 60-63 macht nicht sticks were the turn signal devices on VW cars. These lighted sticks were installed just behind the door frame.

    1. I just learned of this too from the 60's. That is funny. Thank you for sharing