Saturday, June 25, 2011


We live at the intersection of Beethovenstraße, Mozartstraße and In der Lehmenkaut. We thought it would be really cool to have a street address of either Beethovenstraße or Mozartstraße but we don’t. Even though our driveway exits onto Mozartstraße and both our entryway doors open onto Mozartstraße our address is In der Lehmenkaut.

In der Lehmenkaut is a single road that leads up the hill into our housing area. At our intersection, a turn to the left off of In der Lehmenkaut takes you onto Beethovenstraße which loops back to In der Lehmenkaut higher up the hill. A right turn at the intersection takes you in front of our house and onto Mozartstraße which also loops around to intersect In der Lehmenkaut higher up the hill.

Now, In der Lehmenkaut does border our property along the backyard. When we sit on our patio we watch traffic go up and down the hill on In der Lehmenkaut. But if someone rings our doorbell, they walked up the drive from Mozartstraße.

On top of that, no one really knows what In der Lehmenkaut means. Even the Germans have trouble with it. “In der” is easy enough, “In the” but Lehmenkaut is a problem. The closest they can come to a translation for “Lehmen” is “loam” or “earth,” maybe "dirt," while “kaut” is “chews.” So what is it? In the Earth Chews or Chews In the Earth? Or maybe In the Dirt. We just can’t get an satisfactory answer. Even when we tell a German the name of our street, we get that what-the-hell-is-up-with-that-name look.

It would be so much easier if we were on Mozartstraße and a lot cooler. I'm going to take this up with the Burgermeister. We'd be the only ones affected. I'm sure he'll see to my reasoning. But, probably not.

So close but yet so far. Almost on Beethovenstraße. That would have kicked ass. Beethoven looks like he could have kicked some ass too.
We should be on Mozartstraße! That's where we belong.
But no!! We're In the Dirt.
By the way, the slugs are back. ICK!!

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  1. DIRT ROAD! You guys got so unlucky with your awesome house! :)