Monday, December 5, 2011

World's Greatest Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars are always fun for kids and adults but mostly for kids. Here in Germany, Advent calendars are very popular. In the stores there can be hundreds of styles to choose from. Some calendars are pretty and colorful with just a little quotation of some sort behind each of the twenty-four doors. Others are a little more extravagant with a small toy or some candy behind the doors. As I mentioned, even though it’s great fun for parents to watch their children open the Advent calendar door each day, it’s really a kid thing . . . but not anymore.

I guess it’s not surprising that here, in Germany, someone got the idea to combine Advent calendars with beer. We bought a rather heavy Advent calendar the other day which is produced by Bitburger. What an exciting concept.  Here’s a video of the opening of our first Advent calendar door on the first of December.

I'm sure you're as excited as we were to see just what was behind the first door of the Bitburger Advent Calendar. Watch and be amazed at the wonderful German Christmas experience.

Could it be that all twenty-four doors have a beer behind them? Wow!!  As Jeff said, twenty-four advent doors, twenty-four beers in a case. Is it coincidence? Well, we'll let you know how it all comes out.



  1. Sounds like they've combined all their festivities together. Funny.

  2. Hey Guys!

    What a great Christmas card to send to your friends in the states!

    (checking the mailbox or UPS guy)

  3. I'm in with Loft!! Will be checking the FedEx truck as it comes down the street!! KICKASS gift for someone special??

  4. OMG!!!!!!!! That is so awesome. I think you guys sent me the wrong advent calendar. Mine was small and had smarties chocolates. I think the Bitburger calendar was supposed to be for me. So was there really a Bitburger behind each door? Wow, that is so awesome...what a smart idea.

    You are going to be it in the refrigerator? That doesn't sound are supposed to drink it right then and there!

    P.S. You are supposed to leave the little door open after you open that day!

  5. One more thing...I love how you are putting titles on yoru videos now. Very nice!