Monday, March 28, 2011

Beer vs. Pils--Urgent Update

We have been contacted by a major German brewing corporation. We’ve been strongly encouraged to redo our beer experiment or face a possible slander lawsuit. So in the interest of maintaining amicable German-American relationships and, even more importantly, not to piss off a manufacturer of the amber nectar, we decided a redo was in order.

Actually, after the previous science project and the resulting significant difference between the quality of head (so to speak) between the beer and the Pils, we did notice difference between the two. Although both the beer and the Pils both tasted quite nicely there was a noticeable difference in temperatures. The Pils had been cooled in our main kitchen refrigerator but the beer had been cooled in the kitchen beer refrigerator. Yes, we have two firdges in our kitchen, big main one for food, small one for beer. There really was a definite temperature difference; the Pils much colder than the beer. So we put both the beer and the Pils together in the beer fridge. 24 hours later we were ready for a second experiment. Here it is.

Contrary to the U.S., here in Germany a large, toamy, full-bodied cranium (Jeff told me to stop saying head) is highly desired on an amber nectar. We think during the first experiment that the beer was so cold that it hindered the cranium building qualities of the amber nectar.

So there you go. Call off your Deutscher lawyers and how about throwing in a couple cases of Bitburger Premium Pils? Since this is all behind us now lets create a partnership. You make your beer and we'll drink it. What could be better?


  1. wow! Now i can get some sleep! I know you're sacrificing your liver, but keep up the good testing!


  2. The little round paper additions at the end are hilarious! :)

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